The Day is the basic unit of gameplay in Leap Day.  At the start of each day all the resouces respawn and the flan people come out of their houses.

A day is 74 hops on a wood path (precise number to be confirmed) or 148 on a stone path.

Moving between a stone path and a wood path costs an extra hop. For instance. 3 stone paths in a row will be traversed in 3 hops. 3 wood paths in a row will take 6 hops. 1 stone, 1 wood, then 1 stone will take 5 hops.

At the end of the day the night arrives and all the flans disappear (presumably into their houses) as the world goes dark for a very short night.

Income is calculated by the total of all good sold each day and is expressed as +X per leapday.

The progress of the day is marked in the top left corner of the screen as a sun travels in an arc arcoss a small sky.  This marks the relative time of day from sunrise to sunset.  At the end of day the sun icon is replaced with a moon icon that moves much faster than the sun.

Each day is ~1:30 (m:ss) long with a 10 second night.  The total day/night cycle takes ~100 seconds (1:40).  There are aproximately 36 day/night cycles in an hour.  To calculate earnings per hour multiply earnings per leapday by 36.  To calculate it for a day of real time multiply leapday earnings by 864.